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Steel products are packed in whole bundles in the original packaging. You can learn more about packaging and transportation issues by calling our managers at company numbers:

+998 98 101 08 08, +998 88 308 08 08.

Yes it is possible.

You can come to our office, our manager will help you complete all the necessary documents.

You can purchase goods by transfer or in cash.

The price of metal products from Aziya Iron Steel is formed from the cost of the product itself, selected additional services, delivery and discounts.

When purchasing Aziya Iron Steel products, we provide services for the delivery of rolled metal, packaging, sandblasting of rolled metal. Also, you can store the purchased metal in our warehouses and get wooden pallets for better transportation.

You can call or write to us at info@aziya-iron-steel.uz to ask your questions and get detailed information about each product.
Aziya Iron Steel managers contacts:
+998 98 101 08 08, +998 88 308 08 08.

The catalog contains current types of channel bars, fittings, hot and cold rolled sheets, pipes and pre-painted galvanized steel. To learn more about all types of metal products provided, we suggest you go to the "catalog" section or contact the manager by number: +998 98 101 08 08.